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ivdIQ Intelligence Based Solutions

We design and develop software and business intelligence solutions for all scales of laboratories beginning from local one-centered labs to multi-locational and mega labs.

labIQ - Laboratory Management Software

labIQ Laboratory Management Software is developed for a seamless laboratory management process. It focuses on target, resource and result management by meeting all the technical and operational needs of a laboratory business flow. It’s modular structure allows to integrate to all scales of laboratories beginning from one centered institutions to large scale magelabs.

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pathIQ - Intelligence Behind Pathology Labs

pathIQ is particularly developed for pathology laboratories. It is designed to serve as the primary process and information management system of pathology labs.
It’s flexible structure focuses on the individual needs of pathological testing procedures for each lab and optimises the efficiency of these special processes.

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pbIQ - Business Intelligence Reporting

pbIQ BI Reporting Tool offers accurate, real data based and efficiency optimising business intelligence reports.
This tool obtains, processes and analyzes real time data and submits efficiency optimizing reports for the given processes and data set.

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Case Study and Tutorials

Case Studies and Tutorials from ivdIQ User Institutions

PPP (Public Private Partnership) Lab Management

Currently LabIQ is actively used in 6 PPP Hospital Labs with a total bed count of 11.200 beds. Daily laboratory specimen admission is at 85.000 samples. Daily average of resulted test count is circa 500.000. This case study includes an analysis of Bilkent PPP implementation project, being one of the world’s biggest hospitals with a bed capacity of 3.800 beds.

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Performance Analysis with pbIQ

pbIQ Business Intelligence Reporting Solution provides a real time duration and process performance analysis for all scales of laboratories.
This case study inludes real examples of PBIQ process analysis of PPP Projects.

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Siemens Bilkent PPP (Inventory Management)

labIQ is particularly developed for a seamless laboratory management operation, focusing on uninterrupted resourse management.
This case study includes information and real examples from the Inventory Management module implemented to Bilkent PPP with a partnership with Siemens.

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pathIQ Implementation

PathIQ is a process and information management software generated for Pathology laboratories.
This case study includes information and examples of specific pathology lab processes utilized by PathIQ. This implementation is made in Kayseri, Turkey.

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